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A kidney transplant can feel like getting another chance at life. That's why taking care of a patient's new kidney is of utmost importance.

The ProActive Study For Kidney Transplant Patients

Prospera for Active Rejection

We can advance innovation in organ transplant care

Together with you and other partners in the ProActive Study, we will generate insights that enable earlier, more precise assessment of allograft rejection. Over time, these insights hold the promise to improve the lives of transplant patients everywhere.


Let's improve the management of transplant patients

Prospera™ and the ProActive Study have the power and potential to change transplant patient management for good. The study will follow approximately 3,000 renal transplant patients over three years to evaluate the impact of the Prospera transplant assessment test across three critical measures:

Proactive Study Eligibility

Inclusion Criteria


Exclusion Criteria

Must be willing to provide informed consent

Other non-kidney transplanted organ(s)

Must be a kidney transplant recipient


Genetically identical donor organs

Together, we can help patients thrive and prosper

We need your help. Natera is applying its experience of performing over 1.5 million cell-free DNA tests in the prenatal setting to the complex world of transplantation. Thought leaders like you are essential to successfully advancing the management of post-kidney transplantation through innovation. Your participation in the ProActive Study contributes to the exploration of cell-free DNA's potential to assess the health of a transplanted organ.

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